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100% British made grain spirit, balanced perfectly with seasonal damson blossom, apple blossom, elderflower, basil, lemon, rosemary, nettle botanicals.

38% VOL, 70cl, 5cl


100% British made grain spirit steeped in damsons for a minimum of 12 months

23% VOL, 70cl, 35cl, 5cl


Botanic 7 is a distilled vodka spirit infused with 7 botanicals foraged throughout the year from Gattertop’s ancient orchards, hedgerows, fields, woodlands and garden. The herbs, leaves, blossom, plants and fruit from Gemma’s recipe, are distilled in small batches in traditional copper pot stills and infused to capture a truly considered and authentic ‘year round’ product.  Steeped in history dating back to 1086, we believe the heritage of this fertile land adds a unique flavour to our fruit and botanicals. Botanic 7 is a natural, smooth and subtle spirit of exceptional taste.

Flavour rooted in the historic orchards and hedgerows of Gattertop

Taste and Aroma – Botanic 7

CHAMPIONING VODKA: It has always been about clean and crisp vodka for Gattertop Drinks Company. Botanic No 7 allows the natural flavours of each of the botanics to take hold in their own right whilst still providing that clean and untainted flavour. The flavour profile has been led by the chosen botanicals themselves, providing the opportunity for discovery of new, unusual flavours that sit outside the juniper base.

This drink will appeal to both vodka and gin drinkers who enjoy a long healthier, ‘skinny’ drink, over soda or tonic, that is naturally flavoursome without any sugars or sweeteners.

The flavours captured are those that are grown in an English Garden/Orchard where we pick our damsons for our Damson Vodka.  English countryside in a glass – fresh, clean and elegant. Mixing modern and traditional  flavours with tonic, in cocktails and there are endless other opportunities.  We are so proud to have created a well balanced drink, that is interesting and complex in spirit, with the right level of sweetness & acidity to then carry the botanicals on top.


The hallmark of our award winning Damson 12 is the careful creation of its distinctive, delicious flavour. Small batches of home-grown damsons are steeped in quality British vodka for an entire year to develop a deep, fruity character, with subtle accents of almond and marzipan. Twice filtered, and bottled by hand, Damson No 12 is meticulously crafted.

‘Flavour this superior takes time to develop…’

Taste and Aroma – Damson 12

CHAMPIONING VODKA: We choose the clean, crisp taste of vodka over any other spirit to enhance the fruity flavour of the damson. It is the perfect foil for damsons as it prevents the palate from becoming confused, which can happen when damsons are combined with the botanicals found in other spirits. Vodka ensures a clean, untainted flavour. The 100% British made premium vodka spirit used at Gattertop Drinks Co is produced by using fermentation ethanol, which is derived from sugar beet and consequently, it is free from gluten, wheat, rye, barley and oats.

This drink will appeal to both vodka and gin drinkers who enjoy a sweeter drink, over ice, ginger ale or fizz.

              Steeped in history…

While other brands manufacture in large batches or use syrups and steep the fruit for a few weeks, Damson No 12 is unusual because the damsons are left to steep for over 12 months, hence No 12.  This not only creates a beautiful, jewel coloured hue but most importantly, a distinctive depth of flavour, by ensuring that the unique almond aroma slowly imparted by the damson stones is fully captured. This only happens after many months of steeping and really enhances the flavour on the palate.  The discreet addition of sugar triggers a perfect balance between tart and sweet notes; without the need for additional artificial flavours producing a smooth damson infused vodka.

Award Winning

Damson No 12 is an award winning Great Taste champion

Gattertop Great Taste Awards

The Label Design

The bold and distinctive identity reflects the perpetual cycle of the historic Gattertop orchards and the unique 12 month steeping process and the the 7 natural botanicals picked throughout the year including leaves and blossom from the damson trees.  The design showcases the unique tension between the farms ancient heritage with its founders refreshing, pioneering spirit.  The damson tree is at the heart of the brand, the developed monogram seal symbolises mimics the end of a barrel.

History of the Damson

The word damson comes from the Latin “damascenum”, which means “plum of Damascus.” Renowned for its medicinal properties, the damson is an ancient fruit brought to Britain by the Romans. Remains of damsons have frequently been discovered in archaeological digs of ancient Roman camps across England.

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