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This year, more than ever before, we have not only seen people come together, but we have noticed a national sense of community trickle throughout the UK.

The team at Gattertop Drinks Co. hopes this will continue beyond 2020, giving the country a gentle nudge towards a more sustainable, supportive and community-driven future. 

Unexpected and unavoidable, this year has presented a challenge for us all, with devastating knock-on effects across small businesses of every industry.

Early on towards the end of April, a shocking 56.78% of UK businesses surveyed had ‘little or no’ revenue and lost confidence for the upcoming months.

The alcoholic beverage industry was hit equally hard with an estimated five-year timescale to successfully bounce back from the pandemic. 

However, a silver lining has emerged and it’s one that we will strive to cling to. As consumption habits have evolved, consumer trends have emerged, and exciting opportunities have arisen.

As well as authentic and premium products, there is an increasing interest amongst consumers in sourcing their alcohol locally.

Consumers desire to know where their drinks are made and if this is achieved sustainably.

Our home-grown fruit, botanicals and environmentally responsible sourcing allow us to tell a story through our products and be entirely transparent with consumers. 

The artisan sector may currently present small-scale activity compared to large multinationals.

However, it is evident and becoming more sought after. This year has unveiled importance around businesses supporting businesses, and an added focus on supporting local.

With more businesses and individuals backing artisanal products and helping their local economy, we will see positive progress.

Gattertop Drinks Christmas Hamper with Damson Vodka, Nuts and Cheese

We want to see the buzz around craft alcohol thrive into the future as trends continuously evolve and consumers become more experimental. Spreading, even more, the Sense of community trickle throughout the UK! We hope to spark excitement around our delicious Damson and botanical vodka.