The hallmark of our multi award winning Damson 12 is the careful creation of its distinctive, delicious flavour. Small batches of home-grown damsons are steeped in quality British vodka for an entire year, hence No 12, thus creating  a deep, fruity character.  Twice filtered, and bottled by hand, Damson No 12 is meticulously crafted.


We choose the clean, crisp taste of vodka over any other spirit to enhance the fruity flavour of the damson. It is the perfect foil for damsons as it prevents the palate from becoming confused, which can happen when damsons are combined with the botanicals found in other spirits. 


Damson No 12 is unique because the damsons are left to steep for over 12 months.  This creates a beautiful, jewel coloured hue and importantly, a distinctive depth of flavour, by ensuring that the unique almond aroma slowly imparted by the damson stones is fully captured. This only happens after many months of steeping and really enhances the flavour on the palate.  The discreet addition of sugar triggers a perfect balance between tart and sweet notes; without the need for additional artificial flavours producing a smooth damson infused vodka.


A deep and rich hit on the nose followed by more subtle accents of almond and marzipan. An inviting nod to the ripe damson fruit itself evoking the nostalgia of harvest with a hint of festive spice.  


This drink will appeal to both vodka and gin drinkers who enjoy a sweeter drink. It is ideal as an aperitif or digestif.

Serve neat, over ice or with a classic tonic. 

Ginger ale with a slice of orange adds a more complex twist. 

Delicious served with prosecco or English sparkling wine

Damson No 12 is also a perfect winter warmer as the protagonist in a spiced mulled cider

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