I am very excited to announce the Gattertop drinks botanical vodka rebrand, Gattertop Drinks Company (formerly known as Damson Tree). 

Built off the successful background of an award-winning product, I have decided to rebrand, relaunch and scale up the business after identifying a gap in the botanical vodka market.

It has been an exciting period; with the help of brand specialists Cask Strength Creative and Designer Rory Harker.

We stripped back the master brand of Damson Tree and realised that the key brand strengths and aspirations that formed our underlying ethos, already existed, and needed to be shared.

The ancient orchards at Gattertop, which date back to The Doomsday remain the source of the fruit and botanicals we use to infuse our vodka. 

The natural flavours are rooted in nature and history. 

Past practices have highlighted our existing commitment to preserving and protecting our orchards. Safeguarding the beautiful landscape and the precious trees which bear the fruit we rely on for the future.

Reinvesting in our roots is essential and with this, we have made new commitments as a business to do more to pursue sustainability – these goals are set out on our website.  

I am so proud of the journey we have come on and my team and I are excited to share the inception of the Gattertop Drinks Company.

The new bold and distinctive identity reflects the perpetual cycle of the historic Gattertop orchards and the natural botanicals and damsons that infuse our vodka. 

Designed to showcase the unique tension between the farm’s ancient heritage with its founders refreshing, pioneering spirit. 

We have taken the brand on a journey of time, showcasing this with the disruptive circular construct on the labels.  

The damson tree remains at the heart of everything we do.  The new brand is crafted but bold, beautiful and deeply authentic and set to take the flavoured vodka industry by storm. 

I look forward to inviting you to join us as we continue on this exciting, delicious and empowering journey to discover new and thought-provoking orchard vodka spirits.  

We are very excited to launch our new website and online store.  Please see a link below to explore and find out more.