A new card game during lockdown is introduced by Gattertop Drinks for the perfect night in! 

We talk to Nigel Scarfe of Imagination Gaming who tells us about why the classic card game is making a come-back. 

1) Please tell us a bit more about yourself and Imagination Gaming

I set up Imagination Gaming 15 years ago with the dream of creating a company that made a difference to the day to day lives of children and families. We use traditional tabletop games to engage, enthuse and excite young and old alike and to help see learning as a fun and worthwhile activity.

2) Gattertop Drinks Co is introducing the card game during lockdown. – Timeline within the ‘Entertaining at Home’ gift bundles. How does this game work and why is it so fun? 

Timeline is the perfect example of a game that is both simple to learn, easy and fun to play and yet creates conversation and interaction between players in which you hear the phrase: ‘Well, I never knew that!’ said often. It is challenging yet straight forward, educational yet fun. A great way to pass the time.

Entertaining at Home with Botanic No 7, £60


3) Why is a card game so great right now? 

Lockdown is a trying time for everyone and finding activities to pass the time that keep the mind stimulated can often be difficult. Easy to pick up and play, card games can provide hours of fun and yet create excitement and interest in other areas that you can then follow up and pursue. Timeline is a great example. 

Entertaining at Home with Damson No 12, £50


4) Have you seen an increase in demand for a traditional game during lockdown? 

Games have gone from a geeky and niche pastime into a huge industry that has crossed into the mainstream. More families now play games than don’t and the benefits that playing games around the table provide are more evident and relevant than ever. The social interaction, laughter and conversations that stem from these can only help people in these tough times.

The Entertaining at Home gift bundles which include the ‘Timeline’ card game are available to buy right now.